We make fitness fun, but we will also challenge you. Train like an athlete with us. Be a better athlete here. We want to make you better. If you just like to workout, train like an athlete anyway. Athletes are strong willed, and determined to improve. With this mindset, you will stay motivated. More importantly, athletic gains are more rewarding than appearance based goals.


Our classes are led by Strength and Conditioning Caches with many years of experience and highly respectable qualifications. We task ourselves to teach you the basics of exercising, impart the knowledge of training, and most importantly, we challenge you! No one is too unfit for SWEAT!. We will help you to build your foundation, confidence and fitness level.

Our Yoga class also shares the same mission. We aim to help you to build a good foundation, and challenge you appropriately so you stay engaged and interested in your fitness pursuit.


You can expect to improve your muscular and cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Your core strength, coordination, and body composition (improved diet habits) will also improve. And if you are an athlete, we will focus on improving your trainability (your ability to sustain training) because as the famous sports quote goes, “the more I practice, the luckier I get.” If you like fitness, we will help you to learn more and do more.


We started in March 2011 in an open space of SCAPE in Orchard Road. Since October 2011, we found ourselves a permanent home on Cantonment Road (Tanjong Pagar area). There is a lot of greenery in and around our complex, and our neighbours are mostly design and advertising firms. So coming to our gym is like entering an oasis just outside the busy CBD area. Sometimes we like to think that we are the best kept secret in the city.

Also, our gym is an open concept space.  We can transform the space for different training purposes within minutes. We use free weights and a host of exciting fitness equipment like Vipr, Crosscore180, Stroops, resistance bands, kettle bells, Bosu, swissballs, Dynamax, and many more. Sometimes we also use non traditional equipment like towel and balloons. And if sweating it out is what you are looking for, you will get it in our gym.


We love circuit training, and we have a few different types for you. You can check out our class description and find out more. Our circuit training programs design also blend in high intensity interval training principles to give you a good sweat. In our yoga class, you will learn about mindfulness and help you to restore the balance and focus in your body. We also pay attention to injury prevention to make sure you can maintain your training intensities without comprising your body.

If you are looking for Personal Training or small group training in the day time, you can speak with us too. We welcome athletes as well as people looking to get fit.


Our package fees are flexible, and you can plan your budget based on how often you want to train with us. They are also affordable. With the standard packages, you can attend any classes that we offer on our group class schedule. For people who like our Yoga class only, there is an option to buy a Yoga Only Package. We also have an array of add-ons options to give you a bigger bang for your buck. You can find out more at the Fee section.

The highlight of our add-on option is personalized training. You can have a more customized session with our coaches to work on any specific training goals. In addition, there is an in-house reward program that incentivizes your spending with us, so you can train more with us.


If you are looking for us to help you in team building event through fitness, lunchtime cooperate sessions, or other types of cooperate fitness program. Speak with us we are happy to help. And if you need expert speakers in fitness to run your workshops or lunchtime talk, you came to the right place and we are here to help.


We are a gym that cares, we established a SWEAT! Care program in 2014, and we rally our clients to do good together. So far, we visited Senior Citizen Activities Centre in Kreta Ayer to celebrate Christmases with them, and an orphanage. We also held a couple of charity fund raisers. Ask us about them when you come for class. We would love to tell you about it, and we planned to do one project every 6 months.


Our coaching staff is fun, experienced and very knowledgeable. Their sporting background and industry knowledge are also exceptional. Read our profiles to find out more. Our lovely Yoga teacher is also well versed in Yoga and wellness. 


    assorted equipmentEDUCATION
    MSc. Exercise and Sports Studies from Nangyang Technological University, Singapore
    BSc. Physical Education (Hons) from City University of New York, Hunter College, USA

    Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), National Strength and Conditioning Association (USA)
    Certificate in Fitness Instruction, New York University
    Certified Netball Coach, NCAP (Singapore) Level 3, Singapore Sports Council
    Certified Sports Trainer, Level 1, Sports Medicine Australia & Singapore Sports Council
    Basic Cardiac Life Saver (Red Cross)

    Wai Yee is a strength and conditioning (S&C) coach. She has coached elite athletes from Singapore during her tenure with the Singapore Sports Council (2001 – 2004). Since then, she continues to work as a freelance S&C coach. She is also a netball coach with more than 20 years experience. As an athlete, she is an all-rounder. She excels in netball and represented Singapore over several years. She captained the Asian All Star Team in 2001. During her university days she represented Hunter in JV Basketball, Tennis, Track & Field, X-Country, and Softball. Following a major knee injury from Netball, she currently plays basketball, tennis, and has a blue belt in TKD.

    Her coaching philosophy is to lay a good foundation for her athletes and clients. She believes there is no one too unfit for SWEAT!. All they have to do is to give it a try, trust themselves, and have an open mind. Her greatest joy is seeing her athletes and clients moving efficiently, and returning for more exercise sessions!



    Steve is a Strength and Conditioning Coach with a great personality. His famous quote in SWEAT! is “stopping is a disease.”

    His experience with fitness and training is very diverse. While he trained many athletes, he started out as a Physical Training Instructor in the army, then personal trainer with commercial gyms and cardiac patients, followed by working many years in a rehabilitation setting in the Singapore Sports Council (now know as Singapore Sports Institute, Sports Singapore). He is also well versed in the sports boxing as he used to train as a boxer. If you workout with him, you’ll be sure to sweat.

    His education spans from degree, diploma and certificate in Strength and Conditioning, sports rehabilitation and sports management.



    Kelly has great personality as a Yoga teacher. She has a soothing voice, is always smiling and exudes a sense of calmness and tranquility. Her classes are challenging yet the most frequent feedback we get from clients is they felt very relaxed after her class, and then always look forward to a good night of sleep.

    Yoga Diploma under VYASA Yoga Centre & Yoga Point
    Certified in Yoga Therapy & Yin/Yang Yoga
    Well versed in many forms of yoga and in Pilates, and has been teaching yoga for over 10 years



    High profile & competitive runner
    Strength & Conditioning coach and Personal Trainer



  • .

    Rupert White, Trader / Portfolio Manager

    I am lazy by nature and usually pay for gym memberships that I never use! But since starting at SWEAT! I haven’t missed a session. The workouts are fun! What’s more I got more results in 3 weeks at SWEAT! than in 3 months of half hearted exercise elsewhere. If you are looking to improve your health and enjoy doing it, then I couldn’t recommend Tham Wai Yee and SWEAT! more highly!

    Ruby Tan, Community Service Officer and Freelance Writer
    I’m a competitive athlete and I never believed in paying to exercise as I already had my own regular trainings. But I decided to give SWEAT! a shot because I wanted to setup my fitness. The first reason was their affordability, and then I started to see improvements in my games and fitness levels, so I continued to attend their classes. It has been a year since I have been with SWEAT! and I’ve found the coaches to be knowledgeable, not just in training but also most aspects of sports performances. I have brought friends, who are now all regular goers too. Anyone can enjoy the classes here as everyone is supportive and fun.

    Tan Yifen, Microbiologist

    You might not like Steve’s “military style” at first, but you will get addicted to it! At least that’s what happened to me. Steve is an extraordinary coach. He listens and offers constructive advice. He is very knowledgeable with rehab and helped me in healing my broken arm with physio techniques in his spare time. He also emphasizes getting healthy and fit holistically through proper eating and cultivating mental well being. I am challenged every time I go for his training and it is always fun and his training is creative. He pushed me beyond my expectation. Since training with him, I have more endurance and strength, and more importantly, more self confidence. I love coming to this gym!


    Lynette Ng, Former National Swimmer / Senior Manager

    SWEAT! is helping me a lot not only in terms of swimming but overall fitness and I love it. I always have fun. Also, I know I can trust the coaches here in helping me.


    Steve Brown, Recruitment Director

    SWEAT is a great environment for anyone who is committed to improving overall fitness, flexibility, strength and general well-being. The trainers/coaches are very encouraging and motivating; and provide a variety of programmes suitable for all fitness-levels.


    Ruth Pang, Marketing

    Encouraging Coach, always different sets of exercises and flexibility to suit all levels of fitness intensity, even novices can enjoy working up a great SWEAT!


    Ang Sin Sing, Tertiary Lecturer

    Love the trainers, the programmes and the friendly people who encourage me to do better!


    Teo Shuihui, Accountancy & Advisory

    SWEAT! has helped me improve my core strength tremendously, giving myself a higher and improved hang time in my jumps in all my sports. My take off is stronger in wakeboard and flow board, allowing myself to try more tricks. I found myself being able to have better performance on court and on the water. Thanks to SWEAT!

    Tim Ong, Real Estate Broker /Manager

    After more than 1 year, I still enjoy the small group training very much. The trainers are personable, experienced and they motivate you. They won’t let you stay in your comfort zone for long. I made lots of friends there too.

     Martin Vega, Trader

    I am that typical guy who has signed up for countless memberships at local gyms, go 3 times a week for the first month then it becomes once a week, then not at all. I have been attending Sweat for over 5 months now and I very much enjoy the sessions. Wai Yee has a wealth of knowledge which only compliments how Sweat is run. Wai Yee makes the sessions enjoyable and each week the exercises are mixed up so that we rarely do the same exercise twice. I have seen more results in these 5 months than ever before and this, I believe, more than anything keeps me going back!

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