• Personalised Coaching
    Personalised coaching sessions designed for our clients with specific training or fitness goals. Offered only as an add-on to an existing package, for a maximum of 2 people per session. It differs slightly from Personal Training as the session is handled by the available coach, is limited to 45 mins and can have up to two people training simultaneously, although each can still have a customised session. Suggested Participants: This can be for athletes or our regular client. As long as you have a specific goal that you want us to help you to achieve, we are there to help. We can also help you to fine tune your goals.
  • Outdoor HIIT
    This class consists of high intensity interval training that can include slope running, shuttle runs, distance running, and etc. On top of running, we will also use body weight exercises, some equipment, and other related drills to train and develop your cardiovascular endurance. We will also focus on getting you to be a more efficient runner. Suggested Participants: If you are a runner who wants to adopt a holistic approach to your training, you can consider doing this class or doing it back to back with our Yoga class every Wednesday. Do you only spend time in the weights room? This is a class for you to improve the other aspects of your training. And of course, this is a class for people who like running in general.
  • Circuit Training & Boxing
    This is a high intensity class where we combine circuit training with boxing. You don't need to have boxing experience to participate. You will be thought the basics. You can expect muscular and cardiovascular endurance training, as well as agility and quick feet training. The unique feature of this class is that the boxing training will give your upper body a great endurance workout. Suggested Participants: For fitness enthusiasts who want to focus more on upper body endurance and runners who have similar goals.
  • Functional circuit training
    Comprises various stations of exercise, and all the exercises are performed one after the other with limited rest in between. There are endurance, strength training and multiple other training principles and factors that are packaged into our planning. We work in a 3 week cycle to bring out the best in you. Suggested Participants: This is one of our most poplar classes. This class is good for people who want to improve their overall muscular and cardiovascular endurance. This class is also great for athletes in team and racquet sports and also long distance running events.
  • Circuit Training - Strength & Power Training
    This class will use many traditional strength training and weightlifting exercises to build up your strength and power and most importantly, your body's resilience to training. There will also be some plyometrics exercises, all designed to improve the your general trainability and fitness performance. If you are an athlete, this is also the class that can help you to improve your overall performance. Suggested Participants: This class is good for people who want to improve their overall strength and the power exercises in the class can improve your general trainability, and keep you improving and prevent you from hitting a plateau. For athletes who are in team and racquet sports, this is definitely a class that can help you to improve your performance. And for runners, these exercise not only can help to improve your running abilities, it can also help you to prevent certain overuse injuries
  • Yoga (Flow / Vinyasa)
    Kelly, our lovely Yoga Teacher, is very in tune with her students. She designs the class based on their needs and level. The class uses synchronized movements combined with mindful breathing. Emphasis will be placed on opening the hips and shoulders, and there will also be twisting, binding, and balancing poses. You can also improve the strength and flexibility of the back and core muscles.You will feel revitalized, most importantly, a good night of deep sleep. As this class is at 8p.m on Wednesday, you are unlikely to be rushing from work. Suggested Participants: People with flexibility issues, especially in the back, shoulder and neck, whether you are an athlete or a fitness trainee. And if you are a runner, Yoga can help you to be a better runner and racer. You can consider doing this class back to back with our Wednesday Outdoor HIIT.    
  • Cardio Acceleration Circuit
    This class utilises the concept of Cardio Acceleration where a cardio based exercise immediately follows a strength exercise. It's a high intensity class where the amount of rest is limited between the exercises. It's great for improving fitness. The unique feature of this class is it's great for gaining strength but with less muscle soreness. Suggested Participants: Athletes, anyone looking to breakthrough a plateau, fitness enthusiasts and even those looking to burn lots of calories.
  • Core & Flexibility
    Tight muscles and weak core is often the cause of backaches, shoulder pain, poor posture and etc. This class uses exercises inspired by yoga, pilates and sports and functional training to address these issues. This class complements our other classes and help us to look after our clients' wellness. Suggested Participants: This class is suitable for athletes and people who want to improve their core function and flexibility, so they can perform more optimally in their fitness training.
  • Other Services
    For customised WORKSHOPS, TALKS for schools & CORPORATE sessions (eg. Injury prevention or sport specific conditioning) please contact For Personal training or small group training, please contact
  • Buddy Training
    Our Buddy Training program is exclusively for our registered clients to bring a a training partner. The focus is resistance training. The coaches will also address core & flexibility.
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