What is functional circuit training?

Circuit training is a series of exercises done one after another with very little rest in between. In SWEAT! no machines weights are used. We utilise all functional equipment and exercises and free weights to train our clients to get them to be functionally fit.

What are some of the common exercises in SWEAT!?

The exercises are changed every session but can include multi-joint strength training, speed and agility exercises, plyometrics, reaction time, modified olympic weightlifting exercises, core stability exercises, proprioception, and etc.

What exercise effects can I see from SWEAT!?

Generally the major benefits of circuit training are an improvement in aerobic and anaerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance. But participants of SWEAT! will also improve their agility, balance, coordination, speed, power and reaction time.

How is SWEAT! different from a Fitness Bootcamp?

Both are forms of circuit training. SWEAT! is like an indoor Fitness Bootcamp but which also uses a diverse array of functional training equipment, in addition to body weight exercises. SWEAT! also focusses on improving your agility, coordination, balance, speed, power and reaction time, as well as improving fitness and promoting fat loss.

What sort of equipment do you use in SWEAT!?

The equipment we use includes ViPR, Kettlebells, Stroops, Barbells, CrossCore 180 / War Machine, Sandbells, BeatBelly, Bosu, Swissballs, Medicine Balls, Heavy Ropes, Heavy Chains, Speed Agility Ladders, Speed Hurdles, Agility Cones, Agility Slats, Boxing Gloves, Tennis Balls, Balloons, Reaction Balls, Towels, Foam Rollers, Wobble Boards, Balance Discs, Skipping Ropes, Resistance Bands and of course, your own body.

What differentiates SWEAT! from other circuit training?

SWEAT! is driven by a group of very experienced coaches. Within any session, if prescribed exercises were too difficult to perform for anyone, the coaches would modify it instantly, and allow the participants to complete their exercises comfortably and confidently. As it is circuit training, participants in the program can also set their own pace when performing the exercises, allowing them to complete the workout even though it is challenging. With the wealth of the coaches’ experience, most people can therefore embark on a high intensity workout and reap the health benefits that come with it. Also, because the program is driven by coaches, we help our clients avoid fitness plateaus.

Do you offer personal training?

Yes we do. Please contact enquiry@sweat.com.sg

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